A DeFi Ecosystem that Interoperates Across Chains
Zero Transaction Fees

Our interoperability protocol THXCHAIN connects blockchains together, enabling the exchange of any digital asset for near-zero network fees. THXCHAIN-based swapping technology eliminates the complexity of wallet addresses and enables risk-free value transfers.

A DeFi staking mechanism provides passive yields. Our flexible staking mechanism THX token allows participants to lock and earn tokens, like a decentralized high-yield savings account. Thore Network offering Staking-as-a-Service.

THX Staking 1.0

120% And more *

100000 THX
THX Staking 2.0

120% And more *

75000 THX
Dedicated DeFi SubPortal Live Nov 2020*


Maximum Supply: 1000000 THX

Circulating Supply: 300000 THX

Presale 76000
Staking 100000
Liquidity 50000
Thore Network Treasury 74000

THX allows you to enjoy the benefits of earning staking income, while also exploring the Defi ecosystem
  • Quarterly buyback and burn program to increase token value
  • Crosschain interoperability THXCHAIN planned in Q1 2021