Information about crowdfunding

The problem with these established crowdfunding companies is that they are centralized bodies, charging high fees and also influencing the projects. Blockchain-based crowdfunding is set to be a game changer because it decentralizes the funding model.

Basic rules :

  • Each individual crowdfunding will use only Official Bitcoin and ETH address.
  • Minimum Crowd Funding 0.00777 BTC.
  • Donate only from the address to which funds can be refunded if the deadline is not met.
  • Check the status before donating. Never participate in crowdfunding with Expired or Finished status.

Status explanation :

  • OpenCrowdfunding is still active and open to the public.
  • ExpiredCrowdfunding wasn't successfully finished and funds were returned to donors.
  • FinishedCrowdfunding was successfully finished , target was reached.

THXChain crowdfunding :

THXChain had the opportunity to be included on the exchange for an action price of 0.5 btc. Click below to learn more about the current crowdfunding status.