A new way to pay TCHApp a payment gateway reimagined on the THXChain offering merchants and users lower fees and greater benefits

No Fee

ECO Friendly


Circulating supply

111111111 THXCHAIN

Maximum supply

211111111 THXCHAIN

Block time

2 Mins

Maximum block reward


Masternode collateral


Masternode reward


Development reward


Avg. block reward 24h


In a few steps to thore protocol

Download Wallet

Download the latest version of the THXChain Wallet in our download area. These are available for Windows and Linux. Mac OS will follow soon.

Buy THXChain

Once you've downloaded and installed the Wallet, you'll be able to send the purchased THXChain to your wallet.

Receiving / sending

It's easy to send THXChain. All you need is the public address of your recipient, the amount - and that's it. It can not be simpler!


For sure we use the latest security standards to ensure that your coins remain yours.


Our wallet has been developed with intuition and user experience in mind. So you do not have to search in order not to lose time.

Proof of Stake

If you leave your THXChain on the wallet, you will be rewarded by the network. This process is called Proof of Stake (POS). 20% of the generated THXChain are distributed in percent to all active wallets.


Masternodes are validators that operate on the THXChain network as block producers. Each node has the opportunity to confirm new blocks as they are added to the chain, and to verify the transactions contained therein. In exchange for doing so, masternodes are awarded a portion of the transaction fees generated on the network. To incentivize masternodes to operate ethically, and deter malicious behavior, each node validator must put up a stake. This comprises 10 million THXChain tokens, which are locked in a special wallet for the duration of their tenure.


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